Home care services

  • Workers of home care services are self-employed.
  • Minders charge their customers themselves.
  • All minders have been trained for dog minding by the dog centre and are adults.
  • The dog centre operates only as a trainer, intermediary and marketer of minders.
  • The main service is dog home care, that is holiday care and walking the dogs.
  • Holiday care can be done either at the minder or at home of the dog.
  • Extra services may include cleaning, yard work, minding children and other pets and shopping and walking services for elderly.
  • Some home care services may be applicable for tax credit for household expenses.
  • Dogs in care must have valid vaccinations against rabies, canine distemper, canine hepatitis and canine parvovirus. Kennel cough vaccination is recommended.

Home care prices

  • Indicative prices for home care (including VAT 24%)
  • Note that self-employed workers decide the final charge.

Dog minding

  • 1 – 4 days 70 €/day (1 – 2 dogs)
  • Over 4 days 60 €/day (1 – 2 dogs)
  • Hours exceeding full day 5 €/hour, for max. 3 hours
  • Other dogs of the same family get 50% off
  • Walking the dog 20 €/30 minutes
  • Extra services, e.g. brushing, 10 €/15 minutes
  • Full day care includes night-time minding, 3 walks, feeding and keeping company.

Other services from 25 €/hour

  • Domestic chores (e.g. vacuuming)
  • Small yard work (e.g. raking)
  • Child minding
  • Minding for other pets
  • Senior help (e.g. groceries or walking)

Dog minders

How does it work

  1. The customer contacts the minder telling what kind of help is needed
  2. The minder contacts the customer and does a service survey
  3. First meeting is held at the customer or the minder
  4. The agreed service is provided and charged

Name: Venla Selenius
Email: venlasel(at)hotmail.com
Speaks: Swedish, Finnish and English
Operating area: Espoo
Dog sizes: all
Services: dog minding at the customer or at hers, home cleaning, yard work and minding other pets (cats, small rodents and bunnies)
Link to FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/Koiranhoitaja-Venla-105731197610089

Name: Suvi Ruotsalainen
Email: koiranhoito.suvi(at)outlook.com
Speaks: Finnish and English
Operating area: Kotka and nearby
Dog sizes: all
Services: dog minding at the customer (all sizes), dog minding at hers (small and medium sizes) and other pets, e.g. cats
Link to FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/Koiranhoitopalvelut-Suvi-Ruotsalainen-104883428743473/?ref=page_internal



OivaKoira Oy 

Kutojantie 7,

02630 Espoo

espoonkoirakeskus at gmail.com

050-594 22 87 (text message)

Open Mon - Sun as agreed 8-22.


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