Skill assessment lessons

  • New customers begin training with a skill assessment lesson and assessment is required when advancing to a group in new skill level.
  • Lesson duration 45 minutes.
  • Includes skill assessment, feedback and training plan.
  • Approved result is 2/3 of total points.
  • In case of rejected result private lessons or continuing with current level is recommended before reassessment.
  • Price 80 €/lesson.

Puppy skills

  • Basic puppy skills and behavioral training.
  • For puppies entering Puppy school group.

Skill lesson 1

  • Behavior and control on leash.
  • For customers entering Contact, Interactive games or Tracking groups.

Skill lesson 2

  • Basic obedience on leash.
  • For customers entering Obedience or Rally obedience (novice) groups.

Skill lesson 3

  • Basic obedience unleashed.
  • For customers entering Rally obedience (open class), Miniature agility or Advanced obedience 1 groups.

Skill lesson 4

  • Advanced obedience unleashed.
  • For customers entering Advanced obedience 2 or Rally obedience winner's class groups.


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