Qualified dog trainers:

Anie Wikberg
Heidi Rajala
Pirkko Bellaoui
Ria Paussu

Tiltu Antikainen​, the company owner.

The vet: Sophie Lundqvist
Licentiate in veterinary medicine
Contact info: 045 152 5250

The dog physiotherapist: Inka Malmi
Physiotherapist, orthopedic manual therapist, acupuncture practitioner, lymphotherapist, animal physiotherapist, acupuncture practitioner for animals
Contact info: 040 776 8101 or fysinka.inkamalmi(at)gmail.com



OivaKoira Oy 

Kutojantie 7,

02630 Espoo

espoonkoirakeskus at gmail.com

050-594 22 87 (text message)

Open Mon - Sun as agreed 8-22.


In collaboration with:


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