Training premises rental

Premises consist of:

70 m2 training space equipped with desk, chairs, trimming table, mirrors, rally obedience signs with holders, obedience training equipment and miniature agility obstacles.

Inquiries and bookings by e-mailing

An introduction visit to premises is required for new customers.

Premises must be booked 2 working days in advance. Payment methods: card, MobilePay, cash, invoice and Easybreak, ePassi, Smartum and Edenred. 

Mon-Fri 17.30 - 20.30 (prime) 35 €/hour. (25 € )  
Mon-Fri klo 20.30 - 17.30 (slow) 25 €/hour. (15 €)
Sat & Sun 25 €/hour. (15 €)

Last minute bookings (for present and next day) prices in brackets. Last minute bookings for prior customers via FB group "Oiviksen äkkivaraukset", via e-mail for new customers.


Training premises rental rules

  • The tenant of the premises is responsible for leaving the premises as it was upon arrival.
  • Dog leavings must be cleaned as instructed.
  • A 15 € fee will be charged for accidents. Payment instructions are in the premises.
  • Training equipment, furniture and other articles are available for the lessee to use and under responsibility of the lessee.
  • Everything must be returned to their appropriate place.
  • Fixed furniture must not be moved.
  • If you break something or find anything wrong with the premises, please send a text message immediately to +358505942287.
  • Lock the doors and switch off the lights as agreed.
  • Female dogs in heat must wear protection on all premises of the dog centre.
  • Please take off outdoor shoes in winter season on the premises.

Cancellation policy for rental premises

  • One hour booking 48 hours before
  • More than one hour booking 14 days before.
  • Permanent booking for the whole season cannot be cancelled.
  • Rental fees are not returned in any case.
  • Compensatory reservation will be made if cancellation policy is met.
  • If a new suitable time cannot be found within 2 months or the cancellation is made too late, the fee is not returned.


OivaKoira Oy 

Tontunmäentie 21,

02200 Espoo

050-594 22 87 (text message)

Open Mon - Sun as agreed 7-23.


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