Training premises rental

Premises consist of: Sali 200m2, Avoluokka 72m2, Umpiluokka 55m2

The largest space “Sali” has artificial turf, as well as the “Avoluokka”. They can be used as one large space or be separated from “Sali” with none-see-through curtains and partition walls. “Umpiluokka” is a separate carpeted room with its own entrance. There’s a desk and chairs in each training space. “Sali” is equipped with trimming table, mirrors, rally obedience signs with holders, obedience training equipment and miniature agility obstacles.

Inquiries and bookings by e-mailing espoonkoirakeskus(at)

Rental prices

Premises must be booked 3 working days in advance. Payment methods: card, MobilePay, cash, invoice and Easybreak, ePassi, Smartum and Edenred. 50% off all rental prices in the summer season May – Aug, summer prices below in brackets. 50% off slow and prime rental prices for same or next day bookings in winter season.

Sali winter season Sep – Apr

  • Mon - Fri 17:30 – 20:30 (prime) 65 €/hour (32,50 €).
  • Mon - Fri 20:30 – 17:30 (slow) 45 €/hour (22,50 €).
  • Sat & Sun 45 €/hour (22,50 €).

Avoluokka winter season Sep – Apr

  • Mon - Fri 17:30 – 20:30 (prime) 26 €/hour (13 €).
  • Mon - Fri 20:30 – 17:30 (slow) 18 €/hour (9 €).
  • Sat & Sun 18 €/hour (9 €).

Umpiluokka winter season Sep – Apr

  • Mon - Fri 17:30 – 20:30 (prime) 20 €/hour (10 €).
  • Mon - Fri 20:30 – 17:30 (slow) 14 €/hour (7 €).
  • Sat & Sun 14 €/hour (7 €).

Free pass (Vapari)

  • Free pass without booking in prime and slow times.
  • All premises available.
  • Max. 45 minutes/free pass holder.
  • Price: 70 €/month (winter season), 35 €/month (summer season).

Free pass friend

  • Max. 2 friends can join a free pass holder.
  • Free pass friend must be paid beforehand and used within 2 weeks.
  • Free pass friends can only use premises with free pass holder.
  • Price 7 €/person/session (winter and summer season).

Training premises rental rules

  • The tenant of the premises is responsible for leaving the premises as it was upon arrival.
  • Dog leavings must be cleaned as instructed.
  • A 15 € fee will be charged for accidents. Payment instructions are in the premises.
  • Training equipment, furniture and other articles are available for the lessee to use and under responsibility of the lessee.
  • Everything must be returned to their appropriate place.
  • Fixed furniture must not be moved.
  • If you break something or find anything wrong with the premises, please send a text message immediately to +358505942287.
  • Lock the doors and switch off the lights as agreed.
  • Female dogs in heat must wear protection on all premises of the dog centre.
  • Please take off outdoor shoes in winter season on the premises.

Cancellation policy for rental premises

  • One hour booking 48 hours before
  • More than one hour booking 14 days before.
  • Permanent booking for the whole season cannot be cancelled.
  • Rental fees are not returned in any case.
  • Compensatory reservation will be made if cancellation policy is met.
  • If a new suitable time cannot be found within 2 months or the cancellation is made too late, the fee is not returned.



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espoonkoirakeskus at

050-594 22 87 (text message)

Open Mon - Sun as agreed 8-22.


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